Our History

For one independent towing comany, success has come through hard work, carefully targeted marketing efforts, and close cooperation with the Port of New Orleans.

Nestled deep within cajun country along the waterway of Bayou Lafourche, La Carriers, LLC has made a name for itself as a leading transporter of bulk commodities along the Gulf Coast and throughout the inland waterway system

Although most of La Carriers' neighboring firms are dependent on the oil industry, the company has carved out its own unique niche. La Carriers was founded in 1986 by Russell Plaisance, who conceived of the company as a small management firm for barges. Since then, the operation has grown to manage an array of barges and has aquired or built five tugs and is constructing another.

This year, La Carriers transported roughly 275,229 net tons of product, the majority was scrap iron moving in covered-hopper barges. But the company has a broad customer base, and regularly transports industrial salt, new steel products, synthetic dirt, urea, fertilizer, coal, grain, oats, rice hulls, and vermiculite as well.

Logistics play an important role in La Carriers success. Many factors are involved in just-in-time shipments; vessel scheduling has become an area of expertise for La Carriers, LLC.

With government regulations becoming increasingly complex, La Carriers makes every effort to stay on top of the latest industry trends. Movement by barge remains one of the most cost-effective means of transporting cargoes, a face La Carriers has capitalized on to increase sales and promote business.



La Carriers' fleet is comprised of six vessels along with deck and hopper barges. The company has become diversified in order to provide various types of services now needed in the marine industry. Some of La Carriers' services include transporting corn sweetner, scrap metal and other bulk commodities along the gulf coast as well as providing services to the oil, gas, and construction industries.

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